How to calculate the percentage decrease?

Percentage Decrease Calculator can be used for calculating percentage decrease by a desired figure. This reliable and efficient calculator can be used to make your life easy for your desired calculation. Below is a sample image which explains how to use the Decrease calculator. Below the image there is explanation of calculation.

Percentage Decrease Calculator

The image of How to calculate the percentage decrease?

Percentage Decrease work out

This is the technique for driving out what percentage an decrease in an amount represents. X is the From value (also can be noted as base value) and Y is the to value ( also can be noted as increased value) – Here Z can be treated as change value:

1. Determine or calculate the increase or change (Z): X − Y = Z
2. Divide the changed value (Z) by the base value (X): Z ÷ X = A
3. Now multiply this result by 100: A × 100 = This is Percentage decrease

From the provided image sample above: Step-1: 100–80= 20 Step-2: 20 / 100 = 0.2 Step-3: 0.2 x 100 = 20 – so the resultant amount is 20%. The “–“ denotes it a Percentage Decrease value

Formula of Percentage Decrease

With the example description we can come to a summary if Percentage Increase as P, the initial amount as X and the increased amount as Y.

P = ((Y − X) ÷ X) × 100

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